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Although Aquadiva products are made of the highest quality materials, unfortunatley they won't last forever. Our garments are designed to withstand up to 1000 hours in chlorine resistant/salt water however the careful treatment of the garment plays a huge part in prolonging the life of your beautiful swimwear.

Tips and Guidelines:

  •  Always rinse your garments after each wear and hang in a shaded area to air dry.
  •  We do not advise that you machine wash your garments. Please hand wash if needed.
  •  Be aware of rough surfaces and clothing items as these can cause pilling or snag your garment.
  • If you intend to store your Aquadiva swimwear for an extended period, please ensure they are completely dry and have been washed and rinsed thoroughly to remove any trace of skin creams, detergents and chlorine. 

Only the highest quality and most advanced production processes and components are used in the manufacturing of Aquadiva products. When treated properly, Aquadiva products will last for a minimal period of 6 months from the date of purchase with frequent use.

We strongly recommend that customers follow the instructions provided here to gain maximum life and maintain the original quality of their Aquadiva Swimwear product.  

Replacement Policy

All Aquadiva products have a 100% customer satisfaction and quality guarantee. If a product made it through our quality control system and was sent to a customer and then found to be faulty it would be replaced or repaired at no cost to the customer and the customer would be refunded for all freight charges. We will not be satisfied until you are!

Unfortunately, in the event of product misuse or abuse we are unable to exchange or repair damanged product.